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Benefits of Membership

Become a Member

The Cashmere Chamber of Commerce welcomes new member businesses throughout the mid valley! Please click on the link below to download our 2014 membership application. Return it to our offices with your check, or to join immediately, fax your application and we will invoice you for dues. 

The Cashmere Chamber’s fiscal year is from January 1 through December 31. Dues are billed January 1 and are due on receipt. Click on link at right to download the current Membership Application.


Membership Costs
  • New Business—For businesses 1-3 years old: $75.00
  • Non-Profit—Churches, service clubs, etc.: $75.00
  • General Business—Retail, restaurant, insurance, attorney, accounting, medical, wholesale, real estate, construction, media, etc. Businesses that have been in business more than 3 years.
    • A. 1-5 employees: $150.00
    • B. 6- 10: $175.00
    • C. 11-35: $275.00
    • D. 36-100: $550.00
    • E. 101+: $1,050.00
    • Friends of the Chamber—Individual membership: $50–$150


Benefits of Membership

Whether it’s Cashmere’s quality of life or the goods and services provided by Cashmere businesses, your Chamber works to promote Cashmere as a great place to work, live, learn, play and visit. The following are some benefits we offer our members.



Affiliation with the Chamber helps demonstrate your credibility to your customers. At the same time, if a potential customer calls the Chamber office, the Chamber will refer that caller to your business.


  • Display of brochures and business cards in Chamber lobby/visitor center
  • Sponsorship opportunities of Chamber events, including the annual community dinner honoring the Business and Citizen of the Year and Founders’ Days
  • Your business updates included in the Chamber’s bi-weekly eBulletin the BUZZ and Facebook
  • Presence on the Chamber website
  • Local and regional public relations efforts by the Chamber
  • Advertising discounts in Chamber co-op projects with local partners
  • The Chamber maintains an office at 103 Cottage Ave., where its manager answers any business and visitor inquiries and forwards callers to the appropriate business



www.cashmerechamber.org is the official community website sponsored by the Cashmere Chamber. The website currently receives many visits per day from people from around the nation and the globe. These visits translate into exposure for your business from news, business directory and calendar listings on the site.


Online Website Listing

Visit www.cashmerechamber.org to view our Member Directory. Your membership dues entitle you to a complete business listing in our online Business Directory.



The Chamber works to ensure you are informed on important developments in the community and are aware of issues affecting business. We do this through our quarterly newsletter, the Cashmere Business Journal, and in mass email communications, such as the bi-weekly BUZZ  e-bulletin For a low $25 insert fee, you may submit inserts into the Cashmere Business Journal for business-to-business marketing. If you are having an open house or event at your business, the Chamber also can send out invitations via email to every Chamber member at no cost.


Events Calendar

As a member, you are invited to submit items to our online community calendar, including business and civic events and concerts or club or organizational meetings and gatherings.


Tourism & Promotion

Cashmere’s natural beauty and central location encourages a variety of outdoor pursuits. We work year-round through marketing efforts to encourage tourists to visit the Cashmere area, thereby increasing the tourism dollars in the local economy.

Visitor Information

As a member, you are entitled to use our Visitor’s Information Center to display your business cards and brochures for walk-in visitors looking for goods and services. The Visitor’s Center also includes tourist literature from the state and immediate area. We mail relocation and visitor’s packets to people throughout the United States. We also produce Cashmere’s only rack card and a restaurant guide.


Working with You & for You

The Chamber works with the City of Cashmere and the Port of Chelan County to bring new businesses to the area. We are a resource to help local businesses or potential new businesses by connecting with them to such organizations as SCORE and the Small Business Development Center.


Business-to-Business Networking

The Chamber hosts bi-annual General Membership Meetings for the entire membership. This is a time to gather and talk about what direction the Chamber is headed. It’s also a time to network with your fellow Chamber members. The Chamber also sponsors a Business After Hours program, an important networking tool. And when you join the Chamber you have access to the Chamber’s mailing list, which includes all members.


Phone: 509.782.7404
Fax: 509.782.1265