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The City’s future growth rate is not expected to be as high as recent years. In 2002, the Office of Financial Management released population projections that provided high, intermediate and low projection alternative growth scenarios for Chelan County and the unincorporated cities. The Chelan County Comprehensive Plan states that the cities and County chose to plan for the high projections of 1.84 percent. The population within the city limits is estimated to be approximately 3,721 people in 2020, based on projections using the historical trend of 1.84 percent per year.


Year Population Year Population
1980 2,240 US Census 1999 2,685*
1990 2,544 US Census 2000 2,965 US Census
1991 2,550* 2001 3,070*
1992 2,560* 2002 3,045*
1993 2,585* 2003 2,975*
1994 2,660* 2004 2,980*
1995 2,670* 2005 2,985*
1996 2,715* 2006 2,980*
1997 2,720* 2007 2,980*
1998 2,690* 2010 3,063 US Census

*Estimated population numbers



The climate in Cashmere is semi-arid with continental and marine characteristics. The Cascade Range forms a western barrier to the easterly movement of cool air in the summer and mild moist air in the winter. The area is also affected by the marine weather moving through the Columbia River Gorge. Summers are warm, dry and sunny. Temperatures range from 50°F to 80°F. Winters are cool and wet. Temperatures range from 10°F to 40°F. Annual precipitation averages approximately 9 inches per year, with 35 inches of annual snowfall. Most of the precipitation occurs in the fall and winter months.



Native vegetation in the valley is typical of dry climate zones and consists mainly of grasses and brush. Pine forests are the dominant vegetation in the higher elevations along the ridges, north slopes and into the tributary canyons. Orchards, agricultural activities and landscaping thrive with the aid of irrigation water.


Land Use

Cashmere is primarily a residential community with a large percentage of the population commuting to Wenatchee for employment. Residential properties comprise approximately 441 acres, which is 54% of the total land area within the city limits. Industrial activities include processing as well as warehousing activities such as Bethlehem Construction (pre-cast concrete plant) and the fruit packing and storage plants owned by Blue Star Growers and Crunch Pak. Commercial areas include the downtown business district (Cottage Ave, Aplets Way and Mission Ave), the East Cashmere area, Sunset Highway and there are several small businesses at various locations within the city.



The City is located in the lower Wenatchee River Valley with elevations between 800 and 1,000 feet above sea level. The City is located on the east slope of the Cascade Mountains and is enclosed by the Wenatchee River and steep hillsides. North of Cashmere, ridges rise to over 2,000 feet above mean sea level (MSL) before ascending higher into the Entiat Mountains. South of Cashmere, ridges rise to over 2,000 feet above MSL and are connected with the Wenatchee Mountains and Mission Ridge.


Water Bodies

The Wenatchee River is located along the northern edge of the City and is the largest body of surface water in the City. Mission Creek runs through the City and flows north to meet the Wenatchee River. Brender Creek is located on the western side of the City and flows east to meet the Wenatchee River.


Schools and Colleges

Cashmere School District

  • Cashmere High School, 329 Tigner Road
  • Cashmere Middle School, 300 Tigner Road
  • Vale Elementary School, 101 Pioneer Ave.

Wenatchee Valley College
1300 5th St. , Wenatchee