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From family dining to fine dining, Cashmere has something for everyone’s taste buds. You’ll get some of the best barbecue in the state in Cashmere. Several restaurants have been featured in publications throughout the Northwest. And many restaurants feature local ingredients and local wines on their menus. From pizza and burgers to great Mexican food, you’ll be delighted at the variety of restaurants and eateries you’ll find in Cashmere. View our restaurant guide for hours and other details.


Where to dine:

Brian’s Pizza, Bowling & Sports Bar
107 Cottage Ave.
Hitching Post Tavern
5729 Vale Road
Blom’s American Grill & Irish Pub
112 Elberta Ave.
Milepost 111 Brewing Company
407 Aplets Way
Blue Flame Asian Bistro
102 Aplets Way
Rusty’s Drive-In
700 Cotlets Way
Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant
106 Cottage Ave.
130 Titchenal Way
Cashmere Cider Mill
5420 Woodring Canyon Road
Sure to Rise Bakery
115 Cottage Ave.
Club Crow
108 ½ Cottage Ave.
Taqueria El Chavo
5647 Sunset Highway
Doane’s Valley Pharmacy Soda Fountain
119 Cottage Ave.
Weeds Café
201 Cottage Ave.
59er Diner at Cashmere
200 Apple Annie Ave.
Weeds Bean Espresso Stand
1854 N. Wenatchee Ave.