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Kashmir Gardens Florist

Jenny L. Delancy (left) and Sherrie Kill, owner of Kashmir Gardens Florist, are teaming up to offer the Valentine’s Day package Roses and Relaxation. Call Kashmir Gardens for details.

Business name: Kashmir Gardens Florist

Owners: Sherrie and Dan Kill

Location: 209 Woodring St., Cashmere

How long have you been in business? 64 years

Tell us, in four sentences or less, about your business. Opened since 1949, we are the only full-service florist in Cashmere. We carry fresh and permanent floral products, balloons and gifts.

What makes you proud of your business? Our friendly staff and top quality products and our continued support of our community.

What are one or two keys to your success? Staying current on floral industry designs and styles and having high quality products and service. I’m also a hometown girl and know most people in town.

What’s an interesting or fun fact about your business that you want people to know? Kashmir Gardens is in the former building of Dr. Nash. Dr. Nash delivered me. The business name was decided on by the original owners because our valley reminded the town’s founders of the Vale of Kashmir in India.

How long have you been a Chamber member? 23 years

Contact information: We can be reached at 782-2071 or Or visit us on Facebook


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