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Cashmere offers a variety of shopping opportunities, from eclectic antique stores and unique gift shops to main street retailers that also serve up small-town charm. Well known as a destination for antique lovers, Cashmere is home to two of the largest antique malls in North Central Washington. Looking to take home something to remember Cashmere by? Try the gift shops at the Cashmere Museum or at Liberty Orchards, maker of the famous Aplets & Cotlets candies.


Where to shop:

Antique Mall at Cashmere
603 Cotlets Way
Elsie’s Studio
107 Railroad Ave.
Apple Annie Antique Mall
100 Apple Annie Ave.
Jerry’s Auto Supply
201 Aplets Way
Cashmere Art Gallery
120 Cottage Ave.
Kashmir Gardens Florist
209 Woodring St.
Cashmere Cottage Yarn
102-A Maple St.
Liberty Orchards
Aplets & Cotlets Gift Shop
117 Mission St.
Cashmere Museum Gift Shop
600 Cotlets Way
Lucinda’s Artisan Gallery
112 Cottage Ave.
Clifford’s Hardware
127 Cottage Ave.
Studio B Jewelry and Gifts
101 Cottage Ave.
Doane’s Valley Pharmacy & Gifts
119 Cottage Ave.







Contact Us

103 Cottage Ave.
Cashmere, WA 98815
(509) 782-7404